I wrote GRANVILLE STREET to shed light on addiction through a fresh lens. 

Opiod Use Disorder is the largest cause of death of people under 50.
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“Louis’ ability to help us understand the experiences a person goes through who struggle with this disorder is as real as it gets!”
Jim Scarpace, Executive Director, Gateway Foundation

My son, and 63,631 other people in America died from overdose in 2016

For 2016 – 2019, the number is 284,425. This disease is killing mostly young people. "Gransville Street" shows they were more than their addiction.
This novel is a must-read for parents, siblings, congregations, pastors, those in recovery, those incarcerated, and those simply needing to better understand the journey."
Jon E. McCoy, MDiv, PhD—Pastor, North Northfield United Methodist Church
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The novel explores the stigma that keeps us from addressing the crisis.

Four unlikely friends share a common disorder. You’ll see them pursue love, family, survival and freedom. Readers have described the book as uplifting, sensitive, fast-paced, and even humorous at times.
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"Read this groundbreaking book, and let it change your perspective, like it did mine."
Mark Lightfoot, Retired Staff Sergeant Niagara Regional Police

A portion of book proceeds will go to organizations fighting the epidemic.

Examples include the organizations below. The author has already begun donations. 
Hope-for-Healing which focuses on harm reduction and provides support to those who suffer from addiction and their families.
Gateway Foundation is a national, non-profit organization committed to reducing substance abuse and co-occurring mental health problems through effective and efficient treatment programs.
United Methodist Church Rev. Jon E. McCoy, MDiv, PhD is a leader in opening the dialog about addiction within his congregations.
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