Why Won’t/Can’t They Stop?

Several years ago, I was attending a meeting at the rehab center where my son was a patient. The meeting was open to loved ones of the patients. During the question and answer session, a parent started to ask a question and began by saying, “My daughter won’t stop …” The counselor in the meeting […]

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Louis Describes Shatterproof at the Andrew Narro Fundraiser

I was honored to be invited to describe Shatterproof at the Andrew Narro Fundraiser. Tragically, Andrew lost his life as part of the opioid epidemic. His mother, Laura, and some of Andrew's friends organized the event and donated the proceeds to Shatterproof. Shatterproof is doing an enormous amount of good work to address the substance […]

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Did the Opioid Crisis Make the United States More Dangerous than Syria in 2018?

The Centers for Disease Control just released provisional data for overdose deaths in 2018. 68,557 Americans lost their lives from overdoses last year. Fortunately, that number is down from 70,076 in 2017. However, we are still in a crisis, and we need a stronger response to this enemy. Meanwhile, the civil war in Syria also […]

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